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Creativity is cool…

Ever known/seen someone creative that just blew your mind? Sure you have. It could have been that kid in high school that doodled the super-cool sketches on the back of his/her PeeChee folder during history class. Or the virtuoso musician buddy that made you want to drop all your “ordinary” friends and lock yourself in to a room with your guitar/violin/tuba until the neighbors all moved away. Perhaps it was the lead vocalist in the choir class that got all the applause during the encore. Or the computer programmer that can write pages of code, making a PC jump through hoops. Or the architect with the all the right angles—or the interior designer that can make any room less ordinary with the switcharoo of a couple of pillows. The list goes on and on.

The truth is, witnessing creativity inspires us. It drives us to be better—either with our own inherent abilities or learned skills.

I’ll admit it—I’m hooked on home remodeling shows. Not that have a strong desire to repaint my living room every week, I just like borrowing ideas from the pros. You know, those nifty little ideas that make you think “now why didn’t I think of that?” — “I can build a waterfall headboard out of a coupla bags of rocks, a weekend, and a few 2x4s!” Home Depot here I come!

In my experience, most true creatives are very humble. They either don’t know how good they really are, or they just don’t flaunt it. They are continuously influenced by other individuals/genres/disciplines, and actively seek them out. Which makes me think that most of us really are true creatives. We all have the ability to create, or be creative—and most of us have an innerdesire to inspire others. We just find excuses NOT to be creative. “I don’t have the time.” “I’m not artistic.” “I’m afraid of what other might think.” blah, blah, blah.

For those of you who dare to be creative—thank you for taking the risk and putting yourself and your talent out there to inspire others. For those who hesitate… what are you waiting for? Take the leap—you never know what you mind find. Who knows, you could be the next super-cool doodler/viruoso/architect/computer programmer!

Chris Stevenson
Madcap Logic Graphic Designer


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