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You Can Always Rely on Ruby

A Brief Biography of Ruby:

Ruby was born on the Geronimooo Ice Shelf, East Antarctica in to a small family of just twenty three thousand eight hundred and seventy two. This flock is well known for their love and appreciation of the visual arts. Ruby shares her love of learning and adventure with her little sister Tickles and their best friend Furnace.

Ruby excelled in the visual arts and in fact she won the coveted “Icemen Trophy” for her stunning piece “ I’ve been given wings, why can’t I fly” at the tender age of eleven. Her parents and teachers have always predicted big things for Ruby’s art career as she seemed to grasp the deeper structure and language of art before many of her peers were even half way through their self-portrait stage. Because these particular birds also have an understanding of the focusing effect and critical thinking skills, developed through an art education, many of Ruby’s acquaintances appealed to her generosity to take on teaching her younger sister, Tickles.

Ruby once wrote in her 5th grade history of art class…

The origin of the word “art” has for many years been a contentious subject amongst scholars. There are those in the field who believe it is derived from the word “artic”, pointing to the ancient and prolific art society amongst the penguin population that inhabit the Antarctic.

In Ruby's own words:

“Tickles always was a bit of a finfull on our iceberg. Don’t get me wrong she’s a wonderful sister. She just can be a bit over enthusiastic sometimes. That’s why, shortly after I got back from my scholarship in Paris, I was asked by my parents to help guide Tickles a bit more in the field of art. Then her teachers came to me, and then the snowball team coach, the grocer, the neighbors, ice furniture salesman, the fishmonger and even this guy I didn’t know named Bob. It was Tickles’ idea that I also include Furnace, her best friend. Furnace is great. He’s such a natural. I love teaching them and I think they’ve both come a long way.”

Ruby is currently pursuing her own art career, teaching, and can be seen frequenting the Café Oiseau Noir with her recent beau, Donald, a migratory fowl.


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