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Tickles' Extreme Adventures

Letter of Recommendation
provided by Mrs. P.L. Coltrane, Guidance Counselor,

Antarctic High School:

Tickles has certainly made life interesting for us this year. In all my experience as a Guidance Counselor I can’t recall a more enthusiastic and industrious student. Her boundless energy and goal-oriented nature make her a natural leader, and it is understandable why her peers flock to her. This year alone, they have elected her Queen of the Ice Parade, head of the “Flippers for Food” charitable outreach, and president of the secretive “Skull and Beaks Society”.

Of course, she also continues to serve as president and founding member of her beloved Science Club. This year she electrified the school, quite literally, when her entry to the Science Fair short-circuited the entire building. It is to her credit that she went on to win the Fair after the Department of Public Safety let us return to school. It is easy to overlook a small cafeteria fire in light of the scope and ambition of her project, which was nothing short of a renewable energy source derived from molted penguin feathers.

Occasionally, her exuberance does cause her to get ahead of herself with wild ideas and plans, but she’s never seriously injured anyone, and you just can’t fault her earnest and ambitious intentions. In fact, I believe it was these very traits that lead to her crowning achievement this year of being named to “Who’s Who among Flightless Waterfowl of Antarctica”. I’d keep my eye on this young bird; she’s definitely going places.

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